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  • Is This Porsche Hot Rod The Ultimate Lightweight Narrow-Body ? • Petrolicious
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  • Classic Porsche hot rods: modified air-cooled Porsche R Gruppe cars, tuned s and bespoke resto-mod builds. Not Singer Porsches.

    Ferdinand Porsche Magazine features hot rod and outlaw content. Modified Porsche registers with our audience: tuning classic and modern cars.

    It's a leftover primal piece of ourselves that's been manifested in this Guards Red Porsche Carrera, affectionately referred to as.

    Building such a dedicated performance car as this is one part science and engineering know-how and one part pure art. The wheels look perfect, and the car sits beautifully. Loaded with options including a powerful When humans see red, their reactions become faster and more forceful.

    Porsche Hot Rods and Customs for Sale for Sale - Classics on Autotrader

    Sign up to receive the weekly newsletter featuring the very latest from Petrolicious. Photography by Patrick Stevenson. When humans see red, their reactions become faster and more forceful. There is nothing stock about this Carrera anymore, as every fender and bushing has been massaged or replaced to suit the functions of speed and cornering or more accurately, speed while cornering. Building such a dedicated performance car as this is one part science and engineering know-how and one part pure art.

    His vision led to a featherweight machine with loads of grip and a seriously rowdy naturally-aspirated air-cooled flat-six, basically a street legal Cup car. Focusing first on the weight, Seely replaced the hood, bumpers, and decklid with kevlar composite pieces, and a few pounds were added back in the name of safety and stiffness when the stripped interior received a complete race-ready roll cage, which is tied into the suspension for maximum effectiveness. When the build started a few years ago, there was a lot of hype around wide-body s, but the plan for this car always involved staying close to the original narrow Carrera body.

    It saves weight first of all, and working with a local body shop to remove some from the highest point of the car, the factory sunroof was stripped of its mechanisms and sealed shut.

    The front and rear fenders were lovingly hand-radiused and flared just a bit upwards and outwards for additional wheel travel and width.

    Turning his sights to the suspension and brakes next, Seely set out to make something that could seriously stick. The factory torsion bars would be ditched in favor of a coilover setup using a modified style suspension. Motorsport KW coilovers were chosen to allow maximum adjustability at the track, and interesting enough, the rear shocks in the car have a winning history at Pikes Peak, seeing as Seely pulled them off his Porsche to help Rhys Millen win on the mountain in his Hyundai Genesis Coupe.

    To round out the package are lightweight wheels of the German motorsport variety— BBS E88s, which are often used on GT3 Cup Cars—and lurking behind them is a huge set of Brembos, just waiting to bring the fun to a stop.

    Under the modified Turbo Carrera decklid you will find a 3. Much like the rest of this car, little of the original engine remains.

    The completely built motor is pushing horsepower now, at the wheels and without any turbos. Rods, pistons, oil pumps, cams, crankshaft, the list goes on—just about every piece with mechanical relevance to going fast has been upgraded.

    One of the coolest of which is the set of individual throttle bodies that play a villainously harmony of induction to mix in with the sounds of the exhaust coming into the cabin at full throttle. Of course, a standalone Motec ECU completes the package and offers some street manners for this motor. The transmission was also re-geared to properly use all of this power.


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